Monday, September 27, 2010

Rubber duckies &Fresh Fries

Kim and Rob were married on Sunday, 9/26 at the Inn followed by a classy reception for 130 guests with a few quirks and smirks...


The deep colors of blue and purple were mirrored in centerpieces, favors and the hand made velvet escort card boards.


Guests enjoyed the rubber duckies bobbing in the fountain and especially the Fresh Fries food truck, which was the hip farewell surprise.
The party continued in the parking lot, right so, as we find food trucks on the road - to midnight happiness.

 One Vampire Repellent please....


At the end everybody was invited and "street folks", meaning valets, servers, dish washer got their share of the amazing potato heaven, even Ray from the book store couldn't help it. 
That's the wedding spirit: sharing your happiness with your family and friends and your community - and of course the vivacious vibes spread into the whole world...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New cake designs at the Inn

For the last ten years the Inn's pastry chef created whipped cream frosted cakes, which allow for pretty but not artistic or structural designs. Now, after all these amazing cake ideas we presented to him, he got excited and is using fondant, butter cream or fondant design over whipped cream, which actually is amazing. Not too sweet, no sugar overload and gorgeous.

Wedding planner

I thought I'd share one of the sweetest thank you and recommendation letters I received today:

For the first 6 months or so after our engagement, I was our “wedding planner.”  Although it was quite stressful at times (particularly trying to plan from afar- I was living many states away from where we were going to marry) I also enjoyed having the creative control. At first I even resisted the idea of a “day of” coordinator. I know, what was I thinking?!

Once I realized that I actually wanted to just relax and enjoy my wedding, a close friend recommended that I call Angelica Weihs. She told me that Angelica had done a fabulous job for her (“she was everywhere, all the time!” was my friend’s exact quote).

So, I called Angelica and was immediately put at ease. Right off the bat, she had great ideas for how to pull our themes together and was genuinely interested in making our wedding the most fun and beautiful it could be.

Then, 10 days before our wedding, my friend who was supposed to do the flowers for us decided that she was too overwhelmed to take on this task. Boy was I EXTRA glad to have Angelica on our team! I called her immediately and within about 24 hours she had found us and met with a florist, communicated our vision, helped us secure a low price and everything was booked!

Angelica’s attention to detail and her dedication continued all the way through the whole process. Even just a few days prior she was still suggesting great ideas and was invested in having everything turn out perfectly (which, by the way, it did). Day-of, it turned out to be even more crucial to have Angelica on our side. She was like the most helpful friend. She ran all over, was tying an eclectic collection of gold strings around jute napkin holders (which she had cut for us the day before), securing our typed seating cards on old fashioned suitcases (which was also her idea as we are world travelers), keeping everyone upbeat and happy for a most joyous “vibe” and all the while she was enjoying herself with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. 

Truly, my only regret was not hiring Angelica sooner- in retrospect, I should have had her plan the whole thing!

I cannot recommend her more highly (and by the way, she did not ask me to write this recommendation, but I felt compelled given all that she has done for us).

Amy Lappen (Oliver)