Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tango for my wedding

One of my planning meetings at the Inn had ended, when I saw Mieko and Giancarlo climb out of their racy convertible. "Guys, I never got your photos"... I was so happy to see them as their wedding last June had been so enjoyable. What a cute and quirky couple, full of fun and energy!
After their American wedding their flew to Japan for a 5 times bigger Asian event, their wedding at the Inn being the "appetizer".

We did it...

Mieko changed into a vintage dress but I would imagine Giancarlo being too nervous to even realize at first. They had trained their wedding Tango for several weeks and he was still counting steps in his head, whereas Mieko, an amazing dancer, just smiled about it.

Their guests had so much fun watching them; they had to repeat the dance, this time much more relaxed.

Hope to see you again at the Inn for a flash of fun memories.

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